Friday, February 3, 2017

As I steer myself away from social media I still seek an outlet. A little quieter space to land and write and reflect about our happenings. Facebook and Instagram have become too cluttered for me. I joke that I am not yet responsible enough for social media. It falls into an all or nothing void and I truly prefer my days to have nothing to do with it rather than all to do with it, if that makes sense.
This blog is more than 8 years old and has seen all sorts of lives already; it started as place to update family on Charlotte's NICU stay, morphed into a family journal and has since become a space to check in, leave photos and maybe update here and there. I intend to come back around to this space. I love the imprint it leaves; the years of reflections I can look back on and even print out if I get around to it. Here's to the rebirth of the family journal. To redirecting my time spent online and using it for something that lights me up rather than dulls me down. Here is to my family and for my family. Here is to 2017. Infinity and beyooound ; )
I think I'll start by uploading our holiday card and letter because it does a lovely job of recapping some of the highlights from 2016.