Saturday, August 15, 2015

Oregon Coast

What an amazing vacation we've had! It's been filled with little hikes, longs walks on lots of different beaches, more cooking in than eating out and just good family fun. We made it to the Newport Aqauarium on the only rainy day of the week. The weather has been incredible. Today we flew a Tinkerbell kite on the beach for hours. Jake has daydreamed of exactly that (maybe not specifically Tinkerbell) for as many years as I can remember; flying kites with his family on the beach.
I started a collection of rocks that have been naturally shaped into hearts and enjoyed combing the beaches looking for additions daily. We. Ate. Junkfood. We snuggled and laughed and swam and played and just enjoyed eachother. 
It was a pretty magical week spent together and nice time to reflect on how truly blessed we are.

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Anonymous said...

Love all the heart rocks...Tinkerbell is beautiful. What a wonderful place to vacation B force. Magical times Lot's of smiles on everyone's face. Forever memories made.
love you all tons