Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hazey is 4!!

(This was the last pic of 3) 

We had another wonderful birthday celebration!! Hazel turned 4!! She woke up for a special breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes, strawberries and oj) and the we girls went out and got their haircut.
                                     Charlotte surprised us by cutting off probably 6 inches of hair!! 
Jake took the day off of work and we went to a lunch of Hazey's choice where she had a special song sang to her and a yummy dessert! 
Then we spent more time than you'd probably imagine tracking down a Barbir cake because that's what her hopes  were set on. It worked pretty well!!
                                                      To wrap up the celebration we met friends and family at IPC for pizza and partying. 
It was a great way to ring in her 4th year!

Hazel Gwen, 
You are such a special, loving girl! I appreciate all the extra cuddles lately. You make me laugh constantly and you are still pretty mischievous. You raise your shoulders in question and your little eyes squinch up. You smile and get one little dimple and look at me like you're just waiting for me to giggle at your shenanigans. You're rad. I love you, Kid.

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