Monday, February 9, 2015

Belated birthday

So before we celebrate Button's 4th I'd like to document the Bird's 6th! It was wonderful. Her birthday will always fall on Christmas break from school so I get to soak up all day with her! We woke up and made chocolate chip pancakes and opened presents; Legos from Me and Jake, shit.. What did Hazel get her?... Hmmm. That's what I get for updating a month late. The girls and I went to a movie during the day and then prepped for the party! Charlotte requested a fox party so that's exactly what we did! We invited our friends and family out to a little pizza place out in our neighborhood. We played pin the tail on the fox, danced around to "What does the fox say" and partook in pizza and fox food : ) I always want to remember what a little sweetie she is at 6... Her baby sister blew out the last candle and rather than being upset about it she just looked at her adoringly and tickled her chin. I cried happy/proud tears just a bit! My pride rolled through as she thoughtfully opened each present, took her time really checking it out and thanking the giver before moving on to the next. She even helped with her thank you cards.. Signed her name in each and drew a picture of herself using the specific item she was gifted. She placed all the stamps and return address labels, licked them closed and dropped them in the post box. So big so fast. My heart explodes with love and pride for you, Birdie Girl.

Oh! That's what it was! Hazel gave her some silly string and a bookmark! She also got the fox hoodie which I embelished the night before. It felt right to have understated gifts after such a big Christmas holiday.. who knows?.. maybe I'll write about that around Easter : )

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte...what a great time we had. I really like that your family has the special plate to make a celebration even more special. Your a beautiful girl sweetheart, and your Mom is so have a very loving and sweet personality. We love you tons....Papa and Nini