Sunday, February 15, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Belated birthday

So before we celebrate Button's 4th I'd like to document the Bird's 6th! It was wonderful. Her birthday will always fall on Christmas break from school so I get to soak up all day with her! We woke up and made chocolate chip pancakes and opened presents; Legos from Me and Jake, shit.. What did Hazel get her?... Hmmm. That's what I get for updating a month late. The girls and I went to a movie during the day and then prepped for the party! Charlotte requested a fox party so that's exactly what we did! We invited our friends and family out to a little pizza place out in our neighborhood. We played pin the tail on the fox, danced around to "What does the fox say" and partook in pizza and fox food : ) I always want to remember what a little sweetie she is at 6... Her baby sister blew out the last candle and rather than being upset about it she just looked at her adoringly and tickled her chin. I cried happy/proud tears just a bit! My pride rolled through as she thoughtfully opened each present, took her time really checking it out and thanking the giver before moving on to the next. She even helped with her thank you cards.. Signed her name in each and drew a picture of herself using the specific item she was gifted. She placed all the stamps and return address labels, licked them closed and dropped them in the post box. So big so fast. My heart explodes with love and pride for you, Birdie Girl.

Oh! That's what it was! Hazel gave her some silly string and a bookmark! She also got the fox hoodie which I embelished the night before. It felt right to have understated gifts after such a big Christmas holiday.. who knows?.. maybe I'll write about that around Easter : )

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nice little weekend

We bailed on ski lessons Saturday because the conditions at Bogus were terrible and headed instead for the hot springs. We stopped at a little breakfast joint on the way and packed a cooler for lunch. Steph and the dude she's dating met us after we'd soaked for about an hour and we swam and played and soaked another hour or two after. It was wonderful! Jake worked Sunday (in the terrible conditions and all) so I planned a little play date for the kids (and me!) with a couple of the girls from my restaurant days and their kids. It was awesome! Whole Foods for breakfast, party at the zoo and back to Whole Foods for lunch   : ) It was a very sunny weekend and I got to spend it with my sunshine family!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


The kids have been sick. Last night we were up all night with what I can only refer to as 'The Great Cough Off of 2015'. Both the girls came into our bed and proceeded to cough louder and harder than the one before. They cuddled their fevery little bodies on us and wiggled around and coughed and coughed and wiggled some more. 
We took the day off school in hopes to kick the crud. But tonight it started all over again. Hazel's temp was 104 and she wouldn't eat dinner. Charlotte was in good spirits and had finally broken the fever but the damn cough just won't leave her alone. We've tried everything we know to do... Steamy bathroom, cold air outside, humidifier, Vick's on the bottoms of her feet, elevated by pillows, cough suppressant, hot tea and honey and nothing will touch it. 
Around 11pm she was in the steamy bathroom and got "too hot", I went to her room to fetch her Ariel nightgown while Jake sat in the bathroom cuddling her. I left the door cracked to cool her down and in the brief moment that I walked down the hall the steam seeped out into the hallway and set the smoke detector off. Actually it set off ALL the smoke detectors in the house. Beep. Beep. Beeeeeep! 
The alarms freaked Birdie out and she ran down the hall to me. (Hazel remained  fast asleep in Codine-land.) Jake came rushing out of the bathroom and went to manually turn off the beeping but somehow in the process managed to fall off the tiny pink chair he'd used as a stepstool and landed with a thud under the detector. 
I laughed. Oh man, I laughed like a sleep deprived crazy person. He's ok. He's better than ok. I feel so blessed to have this man as my partner in the wild ride that is parenting. He carried Charlotte from the steamy bathroom to front porch for breaths of cold, fresh air a handful of times. He cheers when she finishes her hot tea, he refills the humidifier. He adjusts her pillows and reads her books in the middle of the night. 
As we close in on midnight I sit on the couch and can't help but smile. I just brewed up a fresh pot of coffee (per Jake's request) and joined Charlotte, Jake and Yoda on the couch for a late night Ninja Turtle viewing however I could really go for some of Button's codeine right about now.