Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mac Henry

He's here, healthy and so handsome! We are all completely smitten. Ryan and Alison welcomed their perfect baby boy into the world and we all feel so blessed. Charlotte and Hazel are OBSESSED. I might be too... Jake hasn't got to hold his nephew yet due to a little cold and an out of town trip but he has adored him from the minute he laid eyes on him, too. Such a beautiful, tiny dude. Welcome Mac!! We love you so much and are thrilled that we get to watch you grow. Your parents are so happy and so, so proud... excellent choice you made, Buddy. I'm sure you know but you've also got two incredible Guardian Angel Gramma's... we all wish they were here with us to hold you and dote on you the way only Gramma's can but I personally take comfort in knowing they already have. Lots of love baby boy.

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