Thursday, May 22, 2014

I take a lot of pictures


The other day we walked Charlotte to preschool with the dogs. The walk home was just me, Z and the dogs. Like a horse in a parade Lily dropped a Duce in the middle of the sidewalk mid-stride. Without missing a step Hazel exclaimed with disgust, "that's huh-ting dos!" 
I was pretty sure I heard right but double checked, "what Hazie?" Again she said, with her little face scrunched up, "that huh-ting dos."  I asked, "is that an adult word?" To which she replied a confident, "yeah". I said, "so maybe let's not say that" and we walked home to get a bag to clean the mess. When we got back Hazel told me, "that dos, right?!" and I whole heartedly agreed.

The hard truth

Charlotte; I'm almost sorry that I'm writing this down but it was so funny and cute and I don't want to forget it. 
Today as we were driving to swim lessons you said to me in your most serious tone; 
"Mom. I have to be honest with you. I kinda like (long pause) eating boogers. 
Me: stunned silence/giggle "ok. What do you like about it?"
C: I don't know.... (In a real dramatic voice/sigh) 
Me: ok, wellll (trying to think of how to respond) Maybe just do that in private because it seems pretty gross. 
C: Well I know Hazel doesn't mind because she's never told anyone!
Me: she's a really cool sister. 
Hazel: yeah but I don't eat boogers. 
C: (sounded very relieved to have it off of her chest) I've never told anyone that. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Spokane trip

Swimming pool races. It was COLD! Jake got in with the girls but I opted to stay poolside in my (Jake's actually) puffy coat.
Dancing at the wedding....

A posse of little girls noticed the bride's dress was getting dirty at the bottom so the escorted her around for awhile.

Pretty girls . 

Hotel room cuddling.

We stayed in Riggins on the way up to break up the drive a bit and it was wonderful!
Pillow fights..
Dancin' with Gramma. 

There was a short road closure on the way to Riggins so we pulled over for a snack and played by the river for a bit.