Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sick sweeties?

The girls are a little under the weather. Which caught me totally off guard. We've had a very heathly cold season this year but it seems like they both have a little sumpin' sumpin' going on. No fevers... Just coughs, whining and clear boogie runny noses. I'm hoping that a Sunday of pajamas, cartoons, snuggling and hydrating gets them feeling better quick. I gave them a bath last night but they were so tired and sweet. 

I let sleep in our big bed and when I went in to join them they were still snuggling... Heart explosion. I just love how they love each other! 
I've managed to get in on some of those snuggles, too and I just love it!
She still finds so much comfort in having her face smashed on my chest.

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