Sunday, February 23, 2014

Yesterday we did a make-up class at gymnastics by going to open gym and had a lot of fun. The girls were able to play on their favorite things with minimal direction. There was one coach keeping an eye on things and stayed close and worked on anything they wanted to. Hazel swung on the rope for probably 20 minutes and the rest of her time was divided between trampolines and the foam pit.
Charlotte's coach is the director of gymnastics so she was around but not coaching. She pulled me aside and said she was putting together a group of young girls to participate on Team. As an exgymnast myself I can say that is a huge deal! Coach Brenda explained it to Charlotte along the lines of having a team uniform and doing performances for her family so she is sold : ) Sounds like it will start this summer. 
At one point Charlotte put Hazel's tutu on her head and told us all to pretend she was a beautiful flower... Easy to do! She climbed a little letter /rock wall and said, "pretend I'm a beautiful sunflower and you're trying to pick me!" 

I sure do love these girls and all the time I get to spend with them. 
Jake has been working extra hard lately. He always does but man, seriously. 7 days a week. Typically he's at the gym by 5am, To the shop by 8 or so and then some days he's up on the hill, too! Not home until after 11pm. I don't know how he does it but I really appreciate his hard work. We spent his birthday grayhounding through the middle of the night to pick up his best friend in SLC. I married a pretty amazing man. Trying to make his days easier by making sure he has lunch and dinner packed and making him some breakfast and coffee before he leaves for work in the morning. 
I love the mountain but this time of year is when I start to see the light at the end of tunnel. Spring is right around the corner and then he'll be back to kicking ass at just the one job again. 


duntaough said...

Ya all are purdy amazinng.
love duntaugh

Marina GRINCHUK said...

Wow you have such a beautiful kids :)