Friday, January 10, 2014


Warming her buns.

I love how Bird is holding her sis.

And she tries to convince me she wasn't sleepy : ) 

Smootchin' under the mistletoe. 

Daddio in his Christmas jammies.

Gazing at the tree like Gramma always did.

Birdie's preschool preformance.

The just adore eachother.

All fancied up for The Nutcracker.

With DunTah at The Nutcracker.

Pretty girl.

Tamarack ski day on my Dad's birthday.

Looking through toy catalogs at Gramma Great's and Grandpa Great's house.

Christmas decorations at the Greats.

Clip-on earrings!

Who knows...

Snuggles in the "tiny bed'.

Jake working on the girl's wooden laptops before Christmas.


Loving on Halle Gene.

Stop taking my pictuuuure.

Cool kids.

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duntaugh said...

cool kids, cool pictures, cool blog. love daddio