Saturday, January 4, 2014

A day in the life

Hazel likes to sleep in a bit but once she's up she is bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to be fed. Eggs.
Here are a few highlights of a typical day with Sweet Z...

(no picture for this one but if there were it would be a pantless kid with a smirk on her face)
Me: Hazel-honey, did you pee your pants?
Hazel: No
Me: Why are your panties all wet and smell like pee?
Hazel: uuummmm... I slipped in some water. 

Me: What are looking for? 
Hazel: Nophing.

Long after Jake put the girls to bed and even after he fell to sleep on the couch I heard some rustling coming from the girl's room. As I walked toward it I noticed that the light was on... ugh. I peeked through the door to find Hazel:
b.)in her sister's bed
c.)wearing a swimsuit (?!)
d.)playing with a thumbtack
If you answered 'e' then you would be correct.
Notice Lottie fast asleep in her Gramma's robe : ) 
Between the antics that are stretched throughout the day there are a lot of cuddles and laughs with this kid. I say it often and think it even more, she's lucky she's so cute!

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