Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sour Patch Kids

First they're sour, then they're sweet. 
The girls absolutely adore each other and kill me with sweetness on the daily buuuut they are sisters and even at almost 5 and almost 3 they can throw down pretty seriously sister style. 
We keep an art wall by our kitchen table. It's just two long (like 9 or 10 feet) pieces of picture hanging wire with lots of clips on it so we can proudly display the girls artwork without having the refrigerator door overrun with fingerpaintings : )  
The art is ever rotating but some favorites  stay put. Yesterday Charlotte had her DunTah pull down one of her favorites from last Valentine's day... A butterfly made of pink and red paper hearts.
Today said butterfly found itself in a tug-a-war between Birdie and Button.. Of course it was ripped in half and all hell broke loose. Bird can be over the top dramatic when the mood strikes her and booooy did it. First she yelled at Hazel (sad face!) "Look at what you did!!" When I interjected and asked her not to yell she just sobbed and ran upstairs to hide under her bed. 
No one was at fault and I'm pretty sure even the girls know that when paper is pulled on it tears. I felt a little bad for both of them really. 
I went upstairs after a minute to check on Charlotte who was still under the bed saying things like, "I didn't even get to say goodbye" ... Ugh. . 
When we got back downstairs we found Hazel with the ripped up butterfly and a bottle of black acrylic paint dumped all over it. (And herself and the table and the bench and the floor...) She said proudly, "I fix it for WahWee!!" 
Oh shit. I was sure Charlotte was going to freak even harder seeing the corpse painted black so I quickly asked Hazel if she was trying to fix it... Reiterating that she was trying to do something nice. 
To my surprise the girls came together, held hands and apologized to each other (un coerced even!). 
Phew. Bullet dodged and heart melted. I got the paint cleaned up and the Bird off to preschool. On her way out of the car Z shouted, "I'll miss you, WahWee!" and Charlotte hollered back the same. 
I don't know why exactly I felt the urge to write about this in such length.. This is run of the mill happenings around here. In fact, Charlotte came home from preschool with a pink balloon that they managed to pop together. (Eye roll) 

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Anonymous said...

wow, you and Ryan had some of those, "what'll we do?" and you two worked it out. love you all