Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pizza Delishio

I very randomly got my shift covered tonight and while that wasn't the greatest financial decision it made for an awesome family night.
The girls made us a couple delicious, gluten-free pizzas that they dubbed "pizza delishio" and we rented a silly kids movie 'The Croods'. 
Jake got home from the mountain tired but was happy to have me home : ) We ate pizza, popcorn and m's and giggled together on the couch... Two dance parties were involved. 
Simple nights at home are the best nights and it's easy to see how blessed we are to have and enjoy the time we all get together. 
Jake's busy season is just starting and with him working two full time jobs, nights like these will be fewer and further apart over the next few months. 
Even though a busy Saturday night at the restaurant could have brought home some bacon I was much happier at home with my loves... Bacon-less. 

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