Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Five! My baby is 5?!
I feel like I should be writing an epic update of how amazing you are and all the things you've achieved in your 4th year but I'm kinda over here just scratching my head on how in the world 5 years have already passed. I'll try anyway...
Gymnastics: You are an absolute natural and have been moved up through 2 levels already. Even in your current class, "Hotshots 3" you are a standout little athlete.
Preschool: You started going to a preschool in the neighboring subdivision and you really seem to like it! You come home with all sorts of awesome projects and always ask what day it is so you can figure out when you get to go again. I've had the opportunity of going on a couple of field trips with you and your class and I love to watch you interact with your classmates. It's a part of you that I don't always get to see... you're social and kind and a born leader.
Home: You are a wonderful daughter and sister. You are becoming more and more helpful around the house everyday even though sometimes you don't like being asked. You roll your eyes and slump your shoulders like a pro but you help anyway and I appreciate it. 
Four had trials. You learned the power of words and went through a phase of practicing very hurtful ones screamed at me and Dad... don't worry; we didn't buy it for a second. We know no matter what you holler through a slammed door that you do in fact love us. You express your independence all the time. Sometimes you choose to bike or walk or run or skate to preschool and although you say you can do it by yourself (and I believe you can) I drive veeeery slowly beside you and you're cool with that.
You're cool with most things, really and thankfully the mean phase past quickly. Phew!
You are really great to your sister. The two of you run around the house constantly playing games that you invent. You almost always make the rules and teach them to her. It's your way or the highway but for now your way thrills your sister and she follows you like a puppy. Hazel adores you! And so do Daddy and I... and everyone else that gets to know you.
Four was magic. Four was challenging. How is four gone?!
I love you, Birdie Girl and am so thankful to get to watch you growing up.
No matter what you achieve or say or do or like and no matter how quickly you grow and change I'll be here to snuggle with you.

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you are the light, pretty cool. love you all duntaugh