Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Jake started Crossfit a little over a year ago and I remember at first I just thought he was crazy. His workouts seemed super intense, he was going at 5am and was always sore! But he kept going. And things changed. He seemed more in control of his emotions, more level headed and easier to be around... none of those things seem like they would be a direct effect from exercise but now that I have started consistently doing Crossfit I can see why. The hard work, community and mostly the fact that every time I walk in and see the workout it seems so impossible but I walk out an hour later having finished. To see your body progress and change, to feel yourself getting stronger, and to finally realize that you're in control and more capable than you may have ever imagined... these things apply to life; not just the gym.
I thought sense it has become such a big part of our lives lately I would share a few pictures here. 

Clean 135#

Charlotte can this thing like a pro!

Sweat angel.

We've had a busy couple years between photos. 

I wish I knew how much weight that was... a lot for sure.

I've managed to bring one friend along once : ) 
8 month difference.

After our partner WOD at the Barbells for Boobs fundraiser. 

Hazel made him hold her precious dolly... haha! 

This was a Barbells for Boobs, too. I can do my pull-ups unassisted now!

Flexin' it out. 

I think this is a fundraiser we'll do for years to come! Very cool to have the family support, too.


We bring the girls along pretty often. Last night Jake worked late so it was just me that brought them.
They were hanging out in a big tire watching cartoons on my phone and spinning a ball around and around the inside of the tire with them. As I was putting the girls to sleep last night I went to look through my pictures and noticed this on and another handful taken from the tire. They are our biggest motivators to improve in all aspects of our life; and they are watching.


Anonymous said...

your dedication is paying off.
love you all very much daddio

Anonymous said...

You're Awesome!


Anonymous said...

Now I can comment under my handle again... I'm so proud of you, and woohooo for using the Blog again!