Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Another wonderful Christmas for the books. My Dad spent the night on Christmas Eve which was awesome. We made cookies and ice cream and ate a nice meal together. We intended to watch a Christmas movie but after Jake downloaded a Santa tracking app we realized that it was later than we thought and shooed the kids (DunTah included) off to bed. That's when my favorite part of Christmas starts : ) You grow up thinking that being a kid on Christmas must be the best thing ever but eventually realize that being a parent on Christmas has the same magic.
Christmas morning was perfect. Messy haired kids (and adults) rushing downstairs to see what Santa left... Or start the coffee. Excited squeals and hugs and literal jumping of joy. It was absolutely perfect and I'm trying to ingrain it in my memory so I can think back to it for years to come. Those damn memories never stay as crisp as I would like but this should help. 
Speaking of the stuff to remember... On Christmas Eve Hazel pulled something that winded her up in the naughty spot and Charlotte broke out in song. A song from their Elf on the Shelf movie in which the hook is, "Christmas is a tiiiiime for forgiveneeeeeesssss". Haha! It was so perfectly timed and I would compare the smile on Jake's face to The Grinch at the very moment he hears the Who's singing without their trees, gifts and whatsamadoodles. The adorable, happy and tender-hearted Grinch. Way to go, Charly Lou!!   
Anywho... We were up by about 6am and had a wonderfully cozy and joyful Christmas in the living room. At 10 o'clock we had the annual McCall breakfast at Elmer's and then headed home to nap the kiddos and re-tidy the house. 
Jake's folks came over at 3 and the girls had another round of presents and excitement. We snacked on gluten free crackers, cheese and veggies and ate a traditional Christmas ham for dinner. The company was great and while I threw together an easy little veggie tray the rest of the Bolin's played Cup-oink and we all just visited and laughed and enjoyed the family time. 
After NiNi and Papa left the four of us headed upstairs, activated the "cuddle puddle" and watched The Polar Express. Have I used the word perfect too many times? The Bird fell to sleep on the couch but Button just got more and more wound up as it got later. I decided that as a special holiday treat I would lay in the bottom bunk while she fell to sleep. She decided that as holiday surprise she would break my heart... Out of nowhere she got really worked up and sad about her Gramma angel. We talk about my mom constantly and show her pictures and tell the girls how much they are loved by their Gramma. Christmas was no different.. We talked about how she would have laughed that it was almost a white Christmas but the snow had mostly melted off the day before, we talked about the stocking she made me when I was a baby and really just how she loved the holiday and all of us. I get sad sometimes but I hadn't. It was all super upbeat and happy until bedtime. Which of course toddlers have a way of doing. She started to cry randomly and said "I wish my Gramma angel would come down." She sobbed and said it over and over again with pathetic little exhausted whimpers in between. I cried with her and comforted her until she was asleep. 
Ugh. I suppose there is no escaping that sadness... Even if you think maybe you did. 
I finished the night off with Netflix on the couch with my best friend. 
It really was a wonderful day. 
I didn't get pictures of everything and that makes me mostly stoked that I didn't live through the iPhone lens but also just a little bummed that I don't have pictures of everyone. Here are a few from Christmas Eve and the early morning.


Anonymous said...

magical, mystical,perfect, thanks for sharing and caring. love duntaugh

Anonymous said...

You are my Christmas, everyday!