Saturday, September 28, 2013

Good morning, Sunshine!

It may be gray outside but we woke up with a bunch of sunshine in our bed!
I'm trying to find a balance between just sitting back and enjoying these moments and capturing them with my camera phone. 
I was pretty pleased that my phone was within reach this morning when Charlotte came in and started snuggling a sleepy Z saying things like, "you're just such a cute kid!" Kissing her and telling me how darling she thinks her sister is. Of course it woke Hazel up but she was loving it. She returned the snuggles and kisses and rolled into her sister before eventually rolling off the bed (landing 6 inches lower in the toddler bed we set up beside ours). It startled her for a second and then we all just laughed and laughed. 
Such wonderful joy these two bring. I am one lucky Momma!!

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