Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Campers

We headed up the Redfish lake Saturday for an overnight camp trip in the Mallard. It was a quick trip but so wonderful! We explored, fished, played in the lake, roasted marshmallows, stayed up late by the fire and just had tons of fun. I needed to be to work by 3:30pm on Sunday so we woke up around 9 and hit the ground running. I was a little nervous that the motor home was going to overheat or something because it was crazy hot outside (like 100+) but it did great... probably had a lot to do with driver! Thanks for the wonderful weekend, Jake!! I can't wait to do it again!!

Love my girl!
The only thing they caught was each other's lines but loved the fishing. 

Nice to have "Unkie Jones" around!
Fun in the lake!

The lodge is that.way.

You'll be seeing this on a holiday card this winter !
So sleepy! Camping or 'glamping' as we have dubbed it is exhausting : ) 
Snuggle time in the bottom bunk. 

While the girls we "trying to go to sleep" in the motor home Charlotte spotted this little deer from her window in the top bunk. 
After trying to get them to go to sleep for what seemed like hours (because seriously it may have been) we finally gave up and enjoyed their company by the fire. 
Little twinsies.
Handsome scenery. 
Slingshot-ing marbles into the lake.
Chasing through the woods. 
Jake made us a great breakfast before leaving Sunday morning. 

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gramps said...

wonderful pictures, cowboy got out too! beautiful idaho, beautiful families and friends. love duntaugh