Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh F*ck

Should I start this post by saying I curse like a sailor?... Because I do.

The girls and I had stopped for some frozen yogurt on the way home from a doctors appointment last week and it was pretty chilly out and very windy when we ran back to the car. I told the girls how cold I was as I was buckling their carseats and Charlotte said, "Me too! I'm fuckin' frozen, Mom."
Shit. I laughed. It's my parental Achilles heel (well, that and cursing apparently), when something is funny I giggle. Can't help it. I did have the decency to stifle it however because I didn't want her to keep saying it (even if I secretly think that it was the cutest thing I've ever heard... Her tiny little voice).
We've talked about "adult words" before and she seems to have a pretty good grasp on the whole thing. 'Mommy uses them constantly, Daddy and NiNi sometimes, me, never.' Is at least what I assumed her understanding was : )
I told Charlotte that her using words like that could get her in trouble and offend some grown-ups if they heard her use them to which she laughed in agreeance and said, "but not you, Mom. You're not fuckin' offended."
*stiffed giggle*
I told her that she was actually right. I'm not at all offended by those words. They're just words to me but they are words that could her cute little ass in trouble if she were to get in the habit of using them and she hasn't said it since.
Smart little shit that one ; )

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Anonymous said...

God dang it no cussing!#**# loving you all