Sunday, February 10, 2013

A breath of fresh air

Often I feel like everything has changed.
Every once in awhile I get a sweet reminder than not everything has. 
In fact, some of the most amazing things are just blossoming before my eyes.
How blessed I am to witness and nurture their beautiful bond.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Photo Update

Busted sneaking into the carob chips.

We got a motorhome : ) 
Such a good helper!
Yoda Rose.
Typical toy explosion.
Seriously can't look away for a second!
First drive in the motorhome.
Still setteling on the handles.. so far the choices have included "Cupcake Milkshake, SessySessy, Bubbles and Chocolate Chip".
Instead of sleeping.

She gets ready to go to gymnastics even though she just watches Big Sister.

Completed all by herself!
Helping me unpack the groceries.

Homemade playdough to help us through a bout of stir crazy.