Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Holiday Pictures (part 1)

Hazel  in her "HantHa hat"

Our own living version of the mischievous Elf on the Shelf.

Caught Scrogin' :  )

Painting our salt dough ornaments

Cute kid.

Easily entertained.

Me and my girls

Lottie in her fancy new coat. 

Goofin' off in the doctor's office.
This season has been a hard one health wise.
We've gone through croup, pink eye, a uti and never ending sniffles and coughs.
Knock on wood... we've all been healthy for more than a week now!

Yoda Rose is the most tolerant kitty in all the land. 

Me and Z at Winter Garden a Glow

Jake really wasn't feeling well this night but he powered through and we ended up having a good time!
The girls were both pretty freaked out of Santa so no lap-sitting this year. 

Cheesin' at Gramps.

Running into the Morrison Center to watch The Nutcracker with DunTah.

Intermission at The Nutcracker.

Preschool Christmas performance.  Lottie is kind of a stand out performer... and that's not just because I'm her  Mom.
She sang the loudest, danced her little heart out and always found her way to the front of the group. 

Hazel opted out of the show and chose to watch her classmates from my lap instead. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

So many pictures

This little girl is nonstop!
Sisters make the best friends!
They both got in my dresses and did a circus performance for me.
It was amazing.
Button's must have accessory this season is sunglasses with the lenses popped out.
Yoda Rose is the perfect addition to the family.
Because when you're 4 years old matching leg warmers makes you instant bffs.\\\\
Snow day! For some reason I thought that walking them around the block in the wagon was a good idea. A good workout in the very least!
Beading necklaces.
It was an activity that Lottie and I were working on while Hazel was asleep and she was so great to share when Hazel woke up. Also? That hair! She had sneaked into some of my toiletries and rubbed "Heel-tastic" all over her face. NONSTOP.
She's a great little jewelery maker!
More snow walk fun... about the point that I kicked them out of the wagon : ) 
Turns out that shaving and food coloring provide hours (hour?) of fun and the clean up is easy peasy!
It dyed they're skin a bit but washed right off the tub.
Cat nappers.
This poor little thing came down with pink eye but it's all cleared up now!
She also started gymnastics!!
Not always easy being the baby.
He rode these nachos down the run so we could eat them while he checked in for work.
I love dates on the mountain with my man!
All day, erryday!
No comment.
Did I mention she's nonstop?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beer Shaped Pancake

Hazel just very clearly ordered a beer. Charlotte clarified "a bear? a bear shaped pancake?" Hazel said, "no! Beer!" Lottie asked, "a beer shaped pancake?" To which Hazel agreed : )