Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recent and Random

Beautiful Ballerina
Frerocious Tiger
Sleeping Sweetie


Jack & Hazel sittin' in a... wagon.
Pretty Kitty!
Dare Devil.
Hot cocoa makes them haaaaappy!
Painting purple elephant.
Go to sleeeeep!
Midnight artist.
Lottie had this breakfast picnic prepared when we came downstairs.
Goofy girl.
Sometimes Hazey wakes up around 10pm to get special "her" time with us... and we kinda love it, mostly, sometimes.
Ceramica with DunTah is a tried and true fav!
Jake and I headed to bed and found this little stowaway.
Blurry Babes!
Lottie knows how to use the camera on my phone and took this little beaut of herself.
The notorious Mexican, wolf fairy searching for my top secret chocolate chip stash.


gramps said...

truly wonderful. the magic of raising a family,and just how magical and mystical everyday becomes and is. oh wise one

Coey said...

This is epic! Please make postcard out of this picture.