Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A weekend in pictures

I take a lot of pictures. A.LOT! I don't want them to be forgotten in my iPhone so here is a gratuitous photo-dump from the weekend.

Saturday evening at Monroe Elementary.

Friday movie night. Monsters Inc.
Friday night goofballs.
Saturday afternoon: Baby Rita's celebration.
Saturday after nap time: Rollerblade with Mom and stop to the neighborhood park.
Sunday evening: Zoo Boise!
Friday afternoon: Walkin' the dogs.
Saturday evening: Uncle Ry's and Aunt Alison's house.
Sunday morning walk to a neighboring park.
We thought she loved the swings : )
Friday at the shop.
Monday afternoon: hiding in the closet with a glo-stick : )
Sunday afternoon: Mud party!
Saturday at Rita's.
Monday while Mama cleaned.
Saturday at Monroe.
Saturday headed to Monroe to play.
Pit stop along the way for a monster-attack.
Taken by Lottie.
Sunday morning walk.
Playing with DunTah at Monroe on Saturday.
Zoo: Sunday.
Nap time: Sunday.
Saturday. night getting sushed to sleep.

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gramps said...

Way to spend your days, this pays mucho dividends to all involved, much love duntaugh