Thursday, October 25, 2012


So the other day the girls and I were sitting at the table having breakfast and Hazel started to eat food from Charlotte's plate. Charlotte looked at Haz and said, "if you keep taking my food I won't sit by you anymore!"... she then told me how "frustrated" she was with her little sister and I told her that I understood her frustration and that it was okay to move to the other side of the table if she wanted to.
She sighed (a bit on the dramatic side, this one) and said, "It's oh tay Mommy; she's still my best friend."
Tender little sweethearts. They really do have so much love for each other and that makes me happier than words can express.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recent and Random

Beautiful Ballerina
Frerocious Tiger
Sleeping Sweetie


Jack & Hazel sittin' in a... wagon.
Pretty Kitty!
Dare Devil.
Hot cocoa makes them haaaaappy!
Painting purple elephant.
Go to sleeeeep!
Midnight artist.
Lottie had this breakfast picnic prepared when we came downstairs.
Goofy girl.
Sometimes Hazey wakes up around 10pm to get special "her" time with us... and we kinda love it, mostly, sometimes.
Ceramica with DunTah is a tried and true fav!
Jake and I headed to bed and found this little stowaway.
Blurry Babes!
Lottie knows how to use the camera on my phone and took this little beaut of herself.
The notorious Mexican, wolf fairy searching for my top secret chocolate chip stash.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Harvest Festival

So last year my Mom, Dad, the girls and I went to an awesome event at the Botanical gardens called the Harvest Festival. It is filled with pumpkin picking, painting, hay rides, scarecrows, live music, food, ect.
It is Wonderful! My favorite and I'll try to never miss it as long as the kids are into it.
Found the perfect pumpkin!
Live music and kettle corn = perfection.
Back to find our pumpkins after they dried.
Loves of my life!
Z talked us out of two pumpkins.
Lots of fun playing hide-n-seek with DunTah!
Hazel's favorite was the "choo-choo!"
Gotta document myself... back in the car after all the fun.
Finding the perfect pumpkin is not an easy task.
Pretty little Button stopped for a rest.
Heart attack bridge ; )
A tiny for my tiny.
Painting party!
So coy.
I remember thinking last year the only that could have made the day better is if Jake were with us. (he was out of town for work last year)
This year was wonderful but I sure was missing my Mom! Here are some pictures from Harvest Festival 2011... I get knocked sideways sometimes by how quickly and dramatically things can change.

Harvest Festival 2011

Perfect coincidence that Hazel Basil is wearing the same shirt Charlotte wore last year?
Thanks Mom!
Love and miss you more than you could imagine!
*Hazel Basil was a nickname my Mom called Z and it used to secretly drive me crazy.... I hadn't even thought of it for months until Charlotte started randomly calling her that... now, I kinda love it*

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A weekend in pictures

I take a lot of pictures. A.LOT! I don't want them to be forgotten in my iPhone so here is a gratuitous photo-dump from the weekend.

Saturday evening at Monroe Elementary.

Friday movie night. Monsters Inc.
Friday night goofballs.
Saturday afternoon: Baby Rita's celebration.
Saturday after nap time: Rollerblade with Mom and stop to the neighborhood park.
Sunday evening: Zoo Boise!
Friday afternoon: Walkin' the dogs.
Saturday evening: Uncle Ry's and Aunt Alison's house.
Sunday morning walk to a neighboring park.
We thought she loved the swings : )
Friday at the shop.
Monday afternoon: hiding in the closet with a glo-stick : )
Sunday afternoon: Mud party!
Saturday at Rita's.
Monday while Mama cleaned.
Saturday at Monroe.
Saturday headed to Monroe to play.
Pit stop along the way for a monster-attack.
Taken by Lottie.
Sunday morning walk.
Playing with DunTah at Monroe on Saturday.
Zoo: Sunday.
Nap time: Sunday.
Saturday. night getting sushed to sleep.