Thursday, September 27, 2012


One little monkey jumped on the couch (at Uncle Ryan's house).
 She fell off and bumped her head.(on the coffee table)
 Mama and Daddy rushed her to the hospital where she freaked her freak so hard the Doctor sedated her before putting one little stitch in her eyebrow.
.... isn't that how the rhyme goes?

The sedation they used didn't put her totally under but it did make her super loopy and relaxed.
The hospital staff was wonderful. She had two Popsicles... although she hard time convincing her hand to bring it to her mouth she managed to drag it slowly across her Dad's face. She also scored two teddy bears! The nurse brought two in and asked her which one she would like and our little monkey replied, "one for me and one for my baby sister", she made off with both but conveniently forgot to share when we got them home. Eh, bump to head ; )