Friday, July 27, 2012

Good grief

I miss my Mom.
I miss her so much that sometimes I feel like my chest is caving in.
I miss her when I'm shopping and wish she was with me. I miss her when I'm driving and I get the urge to call her. I miss her when I finish a book a want to give it to her to read also. I miss her when I'm tidying up my house and think of funny places she put things when she helped. I miss her when my daughters do or say something adorable and can't wait to tell her about it. I miss her when I feel the pain my Dad and brother feel. I miss my Mom when I argue with my husband and know she'd understand. I miss her when I'm in her home and she should be too.
I miss my Mom right now and I'll miss her forever.


Anonymous said...

miss her lots too honey. love daddio

Nini said...

Oh sweetie, how endearing. I bet your Mama said "Good Grief". See, she's always with you. Your title of "Good Grief" tugged on my heart and at the same time I shared a giggle with Bobbie.I was overcome with an image of Bobbie looking disgusted and saying "Good Grief". A gentle women is she. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.
luv u tons
Momma B aka Nini