Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jibber Jabber

Hazel has been talking up a storm lately!! Here are some words she has mastered:
Dog (dah!)
Deer (de-ya)
Cheers was on of her first and it sounds a lot like deer. She holds her sippy cup up and says, "deeyah!" looking to clink cups.
Doll (sounds a lot like dog)
With honest attempts at DunTah, Gramma (Aah-ma!) and Ry (rah)
Celeste and Charlotte are tricky but I'm sure she'll find something to call them soon :)
Bummer (bmm-ahh) Repeated after Lottie
Ball (bah!)
She is constantly babbling so I'm sure there are plenty other words she is saying that my feeble mind just can't comprehend yet ;) I'll try to update as I continue to decode them.

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