Sunday, January 29, 2012

Loving Life

It always amazing to sometimes sit back and try to reflect... It seems like just a few years ago I was a total kid and was having the time of my life with my best friend. Now I'm still a kid and I have a three year old and a almost one year old. In the last couple of weeks some pretty heavy shit has been going down, and its been great to watch how my little family is coping with all the news. I'm so proud of Tara, she and I have been able to communicate clearly to each other about how we feel, what we think, and what we should do as a family to proceed. For those that aren't married or dating, or don't know what I'm talking about... Sucks to be you. For those that are lucky enough to have married their companion in life, good for you. Tara blogs so we make yearly books and save them for the girls later on, I think its amazing, we talk about what she posts most the time, however I usually don't get my lazy ass on the blog. Well girls (Preemie C, Friv-0-lous, and Hazy G) I guess I've got some things to say. Your Mom and I decided not to make any resolutions this year but just change some lifestyles.... So far Mom is doing awesome. I'm not really one to talk myself up a whole bunch, but I'm still at least maintaining... Your Mommy on the other hand is TCB-ing. I want you girls, and the rest out there to know how happy, proud, and truly privileged I am to have Tara. I may not show it all the time, but Tara completes me. I tend to have a very analytical approach to life. When Tara and I are together I take the extra three minutes to look in the clouds for dinosaurs, or realize if I'm ten minutes late somewhere it shouldn't completely freak me out. Tara, you give me the chance to be free, have fun, laugh, sometimes leak from my eyes (of course out of anger) and most of all you help me be a good father to my children. Through your eyes life isn't a job, it play-time with moments of responsibility, and that is something that no-one else I know has figured out... I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love you, I cherish you, and I can't live without you. Your girls are pretty cute too! Happy Birthday GunZanga!


Gretchen said...

Tara, you are so lucky to have such an awesome husband! That post made me cry!

Coey said...

Look I get photo cred... I love that picture of Tara.