Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fast times at Casa de Bolin

Phew... we're about half way through our crazy, busy, wonderfully filled with celebrations of all sorts season.  Jake was in Hawaii for work (I know, right?!) during the first part of December. We celebrated my Dad's Birthday and Hazel got the croup. 
We spent Christmas Eve at John and Cristi's like we do every year and it was fantastic, like it is every year. We made a point to leave a little earlier than normal so we could get a little Christmas Eve magic at home with the girls. As we were getting ready to leave Charlotte got some serious anxiety about Santa Claus. It totally blind-sided us because she had been so hyped up about it all up until then. She was very specific about not allowing Santa in the house while she was asleep. We wrote up a note and left it on the front door step with his cookies, milk and the magic reindeer oats. The letter said, "Please don't come in mys house, Santa." Santa, being the gentleman he is respected her wishes and left her and Hazel's choo choo trains by the front door. 
Christmas morning was AWESOME! Charlotte loves to unwrap gifts and pretty much dominated our living room. Hazel got in on a little bit of the action but was mostly interested in mouthing the paper and trimmings. Charlotte was sincerely excited about every gift (even the flannel sheets for our bed) and said "Merry Christmas and Thank You" countless times... sweet, sweet girl! 
 Instead of a big Christmas tree this year we set up Fort Christmas; a pink teepee that I made last summer. We strung that bad boy with lights, attached a couple ornaments and hung a big silver snowflake from the ceiling above. We also had a little artificial tree set up on the breakfast bar...all motivated by Hazel's into-everything-ness. It worked out so great that I am thinking Fort Christmas may turn into a Bolin Family tradition. 
Ever since I was a kid my huge and growing-ever-huger extended family have spent Christmas breakfast together at a local restaurant. It is a cherished memory of mine and I am blessed that Grandparents treat us all (we're talkin' upwards of 50 or 60 people?) every year. It was wonderful but also a lot of work to get our two little ladies out of their Christmas comas and into the car... I'm thinking next year we may switch it up to pajamas and cinnamon at home just the four of us. 
We had both sets of parents and Gramma Freddie over for Christmas dinner and Yatzee and it was the perfect way to wrap up the holiday. It kinda felt like we had four Christmases when it was all said and done! We are so fortunate to be surrounded by so many loved ones!
Birdie's 3rd Birthday was five short days after Christmas. We try to rid the house of all evidence of the aforementioned holiday before her birthday party... maybe we're just weird but we decided it makes it more special and just about her. Soooo, our winter wonderland was transformed into a Birthday Fiesta-Land : ) She got sick the night before so we just took it easy on her birthday. We started the day with chocolate chips pancakes and heart-shaped bacon. .. and it stayed down... woo-hoo!! 
She requested a pinata so we just kinda went with it and did a taco party, fiesta birthday. We had a bunch of friends and family over and it was fantastic! Just like on Christmas she was like a little tornado unwrapping her gifts. She said thank you often and also repeated "Happy Birthday" when anyone said it to her. Hazel decided to start walking at the party which made us all super happy. She had been taking little steps for a couple of days but really started moving that night. After the guests left she jumped on the mini trampoline. Not kidding!  The morning after Charlotte told me it was "the best birthday ever!". Success!
The next day was Gramma Freddie's Birthday and New Year's Eve. We celebrated low-key at John and Cristi's place. 
On New Year's Day Cristi watched the girls for us and Jake and I went snowboarding at Anthony Lakes. We stayed the night at their house when we got back that night and I got sick. ugh! I spent the following day in bed. All day. Thanks Jake! The sickness is now weaving it's way through our home and Jake is the current victim... at least it is fast passing! 
We're hoping to get in another snowboard trip in this weekend then Tuesday is my brother's birthday. My birthday is at the end of the month and then Hazel and Jake are in February. Phew!!
Woah!... That was a lot of words. Just pictures next time. Cute ones; I promise!

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