Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Baby

Charlotte was super excited to meet Santa this year! Suuuper excited but when we got there she was a little star struck and a lot cautious. Jake and I greeted The Big Guy with hugs and hellos to show her that he was our buddy but she still wasn't really feelin' it.  Baby Doll and  I figured we would go first in hopes that she would realize it was okay. 
Looks like I'm all hyped-up on mini candy canes... I actually might be.

My Mommy antics worked out and both girls decided that Santa is pretty cool... the aforementioned mini candy canes probably helped. 

Thanks Santa!!


Kirsty Leigh said...

Never to old for Christmas :] love the family day out haha said...

merry christmas all, thanks for sharing the pictures of the girls with santa. love G