Monday, December 12, 2011

An overdue update for Baby Button

Oh, Sweet Button!
Time has entered warp speed ever since you showed up.
I can hardly believe how big you are getting!!
The things you can do just blow my mind... you may have super powers, come to think of it.
You stand. Stand! It's amazing how sturdy you are already. Last night, while I was trying to get a picture of you standing you jumped. Jumped!... and landed it. Landed it! Seriously Little Girl... you are Amazing!
You have learned how to climb the stairs (arg) and you know to scoot backwards off the couch.
You are incredibly curious and learn quickly. You play a mean game of peek-a-boo with anything that can hide you.. couch cushions, people, blankets or even the shirt that you are wearing. 
Messes. You love to make them. You'll empty drawers, clear out cabinets, pour snacks on the floor... anything in the name of exploring.
You are the embodiment of happiness.
Seriously, Babe. So happy : )
I brought you to the doctor on Thursday because you developed a really spooky cough and it turns out that you have croup. Aside from a booger-nose and raspy voice I would hardly know it. Even sick you are just a bundle of joy.
Also, we call you SnakePit. This originated by an off handed comment Auntie Celeste made about how you gravitate to the most dangerous thing in the room at any opportunity.
 "Really?... I didn't even know there was a snake pit filled with knives over there!"
You may also be the perfect combination of adorable and mischievous... How could anyone get mad at a face like that?!
It's hard to exclaim how exactly an almost ten month old is funny but you are and the best part is that you know when you're being funny. Even the tiniest grin illuminates your whole face. Your happiness is addictive... so is your baby breath.
I'm extra lucky right now because you happen to be addicted to me. There are times when not being allowed to put you down or leave your sight is frustrating but I know that in the blink of an eye you'll be onto the next chapter so I try to remind myself of that when you're following me to the bathroom, yelling at me.
I love you, Button. So much!!

I would tell you to slow down but I'm too intrigued by watching you grow.


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