Monday, October 3, 2011

The one where she called me a penis....

Charlotte is always very interested while I do my make up and lately, per her request there are many mornings that a little bit of liquid eyeliner and some blush transform her into a beautiful kitty cat. She sat on the bathroom counter admiring her little pink nose and whiskers and said, "thank you, Mommy!" along with little meows and scratching motions. (and yes... she IS the cutest thing eVeR!)
"You're a nice boy, Mommy." I thanked her and corrected her saying that I am actually a nice girl. We went back and forth for a minute, her teasing that I was a boy and me giggling at her funny joke but reminding her that I am not a boy. We listed the boys we know and the girls and I said something about boys having penises when she said,
"Mommy, you ARE a penis." 

When something is funny I can't help but laugh! And this was FUNNY! She totally knows the physical difference between boys and girls and knows that I am not, in fact a walking, talking penis but she also knows it made me laugh when she said it. I can only keep a straight face for so long not long at all when that tiny, playful voice calls me a "teenis".  It's my weakness, I laugh! And it only encourages her.
Why are the funniest things often the things I know I shouldn't be laughing at?!

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