Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Cutest Story Ever Told. Ever.

Charlotte, Hazel and I were laying in bed before naptime. It's always a favorite part of my day; the girls roll around together and laugh, we talk and I usually tell a naptime story before watching them drift off and cuddling them both for a couple hours. *bLiSs*  Something got us talking about babies and I asked Charlotte if she wanted another baby in the house someday. (Just talk... nothing more.) She excitedly (whoops!) said "Yes! Like Hazel!" I asked, a boy or a girl? "Girl! Like Hazel!" She then proceeded to go feature by feature through Hazel saying that's just what she wanted another baby to be. "Eyes. Blue. Like Hazel!" Pointing as she exclaims "Hair, like that, like Hazel!... hands, like this, like Hazel! Ears, like deez, like Hazel!" She went on and on describing her perfect baby; the baby she already has : )
I'm not sure if we will or won't have another baby someday but I know that Charlotte is right:
Hazel is absolutely perfect.

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