Thursday, September 8, 2011

Charlotte Says:

 Birdie has been chatting up a storm lately and so many of the things she comes up with, or how she puts it all together is adorable! I want to remember her tiny voice and I imagine her and her sister giggling over the things they said when they were little.

"Me find that no." (I didn't find that) but "Me looked everywhere!" (in a dramatic and exasperated tone)
"Me hungry no." (I'm not hungry)
This form of sentence for basically any and everything she's not interested in.
"Me dirty hands."
"Me get on my nightgown no, see?"(I didn't get my nightgown wet while washing my dirty hands!) 
"Smells like poop in here, Mommy." (after somebody farted : )
"Another poop brownie, please."
She repeats everything and at one of her Daddy's softball games I overheard her saying:
"Nice single, Beav!"
"Way to go, Dirtbags!"
"Keep you eye on the ball."
She also loves to sing songs like; "Hoooome, home on the range." "You are my tunshine" and "Twinkle Twinkle" and repeats songs as she hears them like; "Rumor has it" and "From the wiindooow... to the wall!"
I'll do more "Charlotte Says" as things strike me funny or cute.
Oh, also. When I got my tattoo we put a temporary on Charlotte and she LOVED it. The best part is that she would ask for lotion and care for hers just like I did mine. Occasionally she would say; "I needs losh, mys tattoo kinda hurts."
Little Sweetheart : )
I love when she says "ut-oh, Debbi-O" and "oh-tay, Mommy".
This little lady is just hillarious.

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g said...

Gramps says, "You all hit a homerun with me grandchildren."