Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly

Jake was out of town working for more than two weeks and we all missed him so much! Lottie talked about him constantly and always saved him bites of her meals and cups of water during bath time tea parties. He's been home for a couple of days so we are re finding our normal and we like it : ) While he was gone we had some good days, some bad days and some just plain ugly days.

The good:
Play dates with friends and family.
Community night out at the park.
Pool time with Celeste.
Lottie acting like a two and half year old.
Cleaning and organizing the house.
Realizing I have an AMAZING support system.
Jake met Woody on the streets of NYC and Charlotte talking about it constantly. "Daddy meet Woody?"
The bad:
Missing Jake.
Lottie acting like a two and a half year old.
Locking myself and the girls out of the house.
Feeling like I wasn't keeping up in any aspect of life... the house, working, even parenting at times.
An ever shortening fuse.
Missing Jake.

The ugly:
Projectile baby vomit.
Doggie diarrhea.
Lottie acting like a two and a half year old.

There are good days and bad days no matter what but having my best friend home sure makes my heart happier. I already find myself laughing at the good, the bad and even the ugly. Welcome home, Jake!

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