Tuesday, August 16, 2011

6 Months Already!

Sweet Baby Hazel is SIX months old today!! It is amazing just how quickly time is flying. She has been very busy this month: training for her first marathon, learning Latin and teaching a Zumba class. Juuuust kidding... obvs. But she is sitting all by herself now, eating baby smash everyday and learning to use her sippy cup! Her third tooth just cut through and she is constantly babbling. Her Daddy is the king of getting giggles and she is completely enamored with her big sister. I swear she is already saying "Mmmmmama" too and it is apparently not just in my imagination (although I wouldn't put it past me)... I have witnesses : )She is a super snuggler and got in the habit of nursing to sleep and being held constantly... oh well, I figure I'll enjoy it while I can... I know how fast everything changes. HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY, BUTTON!
I love, love, love you!!


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g said...

Happy Birthday Hazel. love you Gramps