Sunday, June 5, 2011

HoNk hOnK

Last weekend we brought some hot dog buns down to Ann Morrison Park to feed the ducks, ducks... one of my favorite activities from my childhood. Twenty-something years ago my Dad would bring us down to the same pond and we would feed stale pieces of bread to a bunch of ducks. There would always be a goose or two in the mix and I remember being terrified of them! In my eyes they were just big bread hogging bullies and they hiss. Seriously, hiss! Not much has changed except that now it is a friggin' goose pond with one or two brave ducks holding strong.

Charlotte was super brave! The geese were like as big as her.

Sweet little goslings that my sweet little husband made sure got plenty of hot dog bun. 

His bun-throwing skills are a pretty big deal : )

Being immobile didn't stop Hazel from participating ; )

Some things never change.
#1.I still love going to this pond and feeding the *geese*
#2. Geese freak me the freak out!

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oliel said...

!!!супер красиво!