Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Curious Case of Button's Noggin

Yesterday was Hazel's 4 month well-baby check up. I have come to look forward to these appointments because 1.) I like our doctor and 2.) it's always fun being told by a medical professional that your baby is perfect. The appointment was mostly good... baby girl is doing everything a four month old should: laughing, cooing, tracking, reaching, rolling, ect. She even has two teeth and got the go ahead to start trying mushy foods!
I pointed out to Dr. Munn that the back of her head kinda has a bump on it. She was surprised that it went unnoticed at the 2 month check up and after man-handling it a bit went to get a second opinion. Another doc came in and suggested that we go right to St. Luke's to get her some x-rays and spouted off a lot of information about growth plates and their concern that Z's may have fused too early.

I kept it together until I called Jake to have him meet me at the hospital and then I totally lost it. I stuttered and cried but eventually got it out that the bump (which we had talked about before) was cause for concern.
We showed up at the hospital with an order for x-rays to check for craniosynostosis and head assymmetry... I made the mistake of googling both these things before we were called with the results... dumb.dumb.dumby.
She hated getting x-rayed and I don't blame her! Bright lights, head Bumbo-like contraption and being totally restrained... not fun things for a wiggly little baby (or Mama)!

After a night filled with both anxiety and immense gratitude for having two beautiful and healthy daughters I got a fantastic call. She's totally fine! The sutures(assumingly in the growth plates) are open and normal. Her head is a little misshapen but within a normal range... whatever that means : ) It's something she will potentially grow out of/into to and we'll keep an eye on it.

I took this picture for reference.

Sweet little Button....
worry is the worst; you are the best.


Juliann said...

I'm glad everything is ok! She is a doll!

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