Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All about Button

You are growing so fast! Just shy of four months old you are a bundle of joy! A cooing, giggling, slobbery little bundle of joy :) You have had incredible control of your head forever it seems and you just started rolling from your back to your tummy.

You love your big sister and are truly captivated by her. She likes to give you hugs and kisses and if you ever cry she rushes to your aid. She'll say things like "hey, hey, hey" in a soft, nurturing voice, give you your binky (aka: ginky) and you settle right down for her.
I adore you. Everything about you! I kiss your sweet cheeks constantly, hold you while you sleep and sneak sniffs of your baby breath anytime you yawn. I even like the smell of your little baby poop... there, I've said it.


Everyday when Daddy gets home you greet him with a great big smile : D

Why do sleep with your face stuck right into the mattress?!
That's just cute.
I love you so much little Button!
You are a true joy.
You bring happiness to anyone you are around. One of my many favorite things about you is that your happiness affects your whole body... your smile starts in your eyes before it reaches your lips and squishes your cheeks up and then squirms through your body all the down to you perfect tiny toes.
You are a ray of sunshine.