Monday, May 9, 2011

A snapshot of Mother's Day (night)

*The reflection of the laptop in my glasses, piles of papers beside me and my beauties sleeping in my arms.*
After a wonderful and relaxing weekend enjoying my family I decided to sit down and get some work done. It's at least 11pm and Hazel won't stay asleep unless she is in my arms. Charlotte has an ear infection and keeps waking up coughing : ( She eventually finds her way to the couch and decides that Hazel has the right idea... Mommy's lap is the place to be! I think about the moment; breathe my little girls in. After asking Jake to take a picture I decide that the work can wait : ) We all went to bed together.
It's nice to be needed.
Oh, and they're wearing matching shirts that say "My Mom Rocks!"... very nice touch, Jake!

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K said...

Don't you just love those moments? Ear infections are the worst. You are such a good mama!