Monday, May 16, 2011

3 months

Sweet Baby Button,

3 months old already... in some ways that seems impossible. It's like you've always been with us but you're still so new. You are such an angel! Always happy (unless you're in your carseat) and smiling and cooing. I spend hours making ridiculous noises and faces to try and get you to laugh. I've only heard that sweet sound a couple of times but you do this cute thing where you throw your head back and kinda silently chuckle when something really gets ya : ) You still spend most of your time sleeping and you are such a snugglebug. Daddy spends extra time in bed with you in the mornings after Charlotte and I get up. You have wonderful control of your head and love to "stand" at any opportunity. We try to keep you from watching tv you seem mesmerized by the glowing box. You are beautiful and funny and easy going. It's a joy to see your personality emerging.

You are so loved Baby!

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