Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring is springing

Spring time weather in Boise can be a confusing to say the least. One day it will be beautiful and sunny and the next can look like December all over again. We try to really take advantage of the sunny days (even if it's still a little chilly). We are very fortunate to be walking distance to a new library and our community park... makes for some fun adventures!

She lovingly calls this slide "Tiny".
The bigger slide spooks her a little bit.
Even Baby Sister had a couple of turns on Tiny... with Mommy and Charlotte's help, of course.
Loves to dangle and make little monkey noises when she does...


Aside from some exhilarating trips down the slide (which she actually slept through), Hazel stayed warm and cozy in the stroller.

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g said...

NO more Monkeys jumping on the bed. love you girls Duntah