Friday, February 4, 2011

A letter for Charlotte

Sweet Charlotte,
As we get closer and closer to welcoming your baby sister into our world I am very consciously cherishing our one on one time together. For more than two years now I have had the amazing honor of having you all to myself during most days, and you me. Our Mommy/Daughter bond is one of the greatest relationships I have ever known and strongest loves I have ever felt. Part of me feels like I should be easing you towards more independence but instead I feel myself holding you tighter and just soaking you all in. Things will be changing soon... we'll be sharing our days with Baby Hazel. You are going to be the best big sister there ever was your baby sister is a very lucky little girl. I am so looking forward to seeing you two get to know each other and have no doubt that your relationship is going is going to be just beautiful. I grew up with a big brother and while Uncle RyRy is wonderful I always wished that I had a sister too.... maybe even instead at times through our adolescence ;) In my mind a sister is someone to share secrets with, someone to steal clothes from, a permanent playmate, partner in crime, and a shoulder to lean on. I imagine the two of you giggling together in the car, fighting over toys or other silly things, running around in our backyard and creating a world all your own. You'll have to let me know someday what a sister is to you! We are such a blessed little family... surrounded by love. It is crazy to think that that love is about to grow exponentially again, just like it did when you arrived. I love you Birdie and you'll always be my baby girl,
kiss, kiss, kisses!


g said...

Charlotte Green-eyes, I was around to see some of first two years and the family thing your Mom describes is right on, what I witnessed was pretty much perfect. I look forward to the next two years with you and your sis; Hazel, along with your Mommy and Dad. Love Duntah

Schwab Family said...

You are the best Mamma ever!Congrats on bringing Beautiful hazel into the world.