Friday, January 21, 2011

A week in cell phone pictures

In no particular order nor with a particular purpose here is a look at a week of our lives through the fuzzy lens of my camera phone :)
We got Baby Hazel's crib all ready and Charlotte loves to bounce, bounce, bounce!

This cardboard box has given us hours of entertainment :)

Charly colored on a paper bag that I then turned into a vest. Worn here with her Mama-made tutu.

When we (finally) took our Christmas tree down it broke C's heart so we decided to put up a little all-holiday tree in her room. Ready for Valentine's!

Officially more pregnant than ever :) Past the 34 week mark when Charlotte was born.

Rockin' her feel-better tutu at the doctor's office.

Little Birdie's tummy has been upset :( She holds it with her sweet hands and says "turt"... which means "hurt"... break a Mama's heart!

Bathtime always makes her feel better!

Daddy went for a late-night trip to Walmart for sickie supplies and came home with Tigger too.

Sleeping soundly with a lil' lasagna on her face.

Hard to tell but this is Cowboy snuggling Charlotte in her carseat... she's a his too!

Jake has been working so hard lately! After a little preterm labor scare he decided to take nights off from his second job and we have been LOVING having him home with us more!... thanks for the psyche out Hazel ;)

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g said...

I love your blog, the pictures, the smiles, family stuff, thanks G