Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Potty Party

We have had an upstairs and downstairs potty for Charlotte for a couple months now, not because I thought she would potty train super young but because I wanted her to be familiar with them. Up until yesterday they have pretty much been dust collectors that she occasionally pees in :) BUT yesterday was a glorious day! She had a little diapie rash so she was having naked time and randomly used her potty while she playing pants-less. We were so excited and made a really big deal out of it. She even got a chocolate chip as a reward. They rest of the day she used the potty with only one accident on the carpet. Amazing! This morning I woke up without expectations but offered her the potty. She tried (which is kinda darling) but nothing came out. We carried on with our normal morning routine (pants-less... just her, haha!) of breakfast and Barney and sometime during Barney's song and dance she darted off and used her potty!... I didn't notice her leave but she brought me the proof :) She kept using the potty and when she went down for her nap I put a diapie on just in case. After her nap we decided to go get potty training supplies... stickers for a potty chart, big girl panties, piddle pad for the car seat, ect. It's funny.. the smallest training pants that I could find are waaay to big for our 22 month old, 21 pounder. I'll just alter them a bit with my sewing machine and look around on-line for a smaller option. She finished out the day using her potty and getting stickers as a reward. I am so so proud of my little girl! She seems very proud of herself too which is the best thing ever! Looking forward to day 3 tomorrow. Yay Charlotte!!

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