Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Look who's talking

Charlotte has always been a great little communicator and it is so exciting to hear her start putting words and thoughts together. The first sentence (of sorts) that we heard was around Halloween time. I had put a sheet over our outdoor lamp and glued on some ghost eyes and mouth. Every time we pulled up to the house Charlotte would point to our ghost and say "boo!'. One day silly Dada put a headband on our ghost that had kitty ears and after staring at it for a minute she laughed "Boo. Meow. Nooo." Awesome first sentence :)
Her second sentence might even be awesomer...
(and yes, made up words totally count, haha!)

Lately she has really taken to little Cowboy. She always tells us that he is hers... remember "mine" is a favorite word. She loves Lily too but if you ask her who's dog Lily is she will tell you "Dada's". She insists that Cow (aka Tao Tao) is in her bed with her for naps and bedtime and if Jake tries to bring him to work she loses her mind! Cowboy is very tolerant of all this new attention... hugs, loves, pets, body slams, the constant hollering of his name :) Anyway.. the other day our neighbor had stopped by and told Charlotte that "he's a good boy", referring to little Tao. Charlotte immediately said "he's a mine". So cute!!
Can't wait to see the next thing she comes up with.

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Gretchen said...

It's so fun when they start talking! Carter is such a little chatter box now, he cracks me up.