Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wordie Birdie

Charlotte, you are a word a minute these days and will repeat just about anything! (This bit me in the a*s the other day when I thought the washing machine was broken and you repeated a not-so-cute four letter word... somehow, still pretty cute... haha) Anyway... here's an updated list of some of your usuals.

Haish-Haish ~ Hazel (your baby sister)
Other people's (or dogs) names you say are Mama, Dada, RyRy, DunTah, PaPa, Laila, Eise-Eise, Tao-Tao, Lila, and while you try both Gramma's it ends up sounding a lot like Mama... we know what you mean though :)
Barba ~ Barney (your FAVORITE tv show)
Nools ~ Noodles (Favorite food)
Doooood ~ Dude!
Papa (or something VeRy close can mean PaPa (Dada's Dad), paper, pretzel, pizza, popcorn or even pumpkin depending on the situation.
TruhTah ~ truck
Bahl ~ ball
Mo ~ more
Beesh ~ Fly ... you must think they're bees
Appa ~ Apple
Banana you say pretty accurately
Tashh ~ trash (you love to throw stuff away and now you know how to operate the foot-push on the trash can... awesome!)
Dogs say rawf-rawf and cats say maow. Cows say mmmm, owls say hoohoo. Tigers and monsters both say rrahh and ghosts say boo!
Oh, and I can't forget the most toddler-ish words that you use ALL the time:
No and Mine... ugh. Both said beautifully of course.
You have always been an amazing little communicator and now that you are using actual words, or at least your version of them :) I am constantly amazed by you. I bet that I've left plenty of words off of this list but I'll try to do these every once in awhile because I always want to remember they way you talk or the way your sweet voice sounds.

Here's a picture of Girl's Night In. Peanut butter bodypaint, popcorn (aka: pahpca) and Barba. Best girl's night EVER :)

Big Love Funny Baby,

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Anonymous said...

Poo-poo, whether its #1 or #2 same notification Poo-Poo. Love you girls!