Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sister Sister

We had our big ultrasound appointment on the 6th and found out that our baby is growing wonderfully, healthy and big... oh yeah, and she's a GIRL : )
Here is a picture of her beautiful profile. It's her head/face and her little hand rubbing her eye : )

Here's a shot of how the outside of the package is looking. Charlotte took a magic marker to belly the other day... I love it!
I think that we're naming this bundle of joy, Hazel. I adore the name and think I have Jake just about convinced : ) He'll choose her middle name. She is weighing about a pound and measuring about a week and a half big. The appointment was wonderful! We got to stare at the wiggling image of our daughter for like an hour while the tech took all of her measurements. It was amazing and Baby Girl is PERFECT!
I feel so so blessed to have the little family I do and am excited to bring this little lady into our home. I am so happy that Charlotte will have a sister!... these are two lucky little girls and their parents couldn't be prouder.


g said...

I could not be happier. You three have built a beautiful world for this new bundle of joy. The blessing is released for so many. Love, Duntah

Grandmama said...

Papa and I are so excited, ok maybe a bit over the top, another blessing from family. I think baby sister is an aspiring artist. Keep up the good work Duntah.
love u all

Gretchen said...

I love the name Hazel! It's going to be so fun for you to have two girls. Sisters are the best.

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