Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I can't believe that you are growing up so fast! Everyday it seems like you are getting bigger. The other afternoon your Granny looked at me and asked "when did she get so big?". I think that you might be preparing yourself for your Big Sister role. You are so caring and sweet, I know that you are going to be the best big sister for Hazel. Summer just flew by, we got to go rv-ing and play in the pool, you, Mom and I went for a bunch of evening walks with the dogs, and you really like riding bikes with us. Some of my fondest moments of the summer was mowing the lawn with you. You decided that it was kind of our job, because you knew that I needed the help. You never really enjoyed mowing the front yard but tolerated it because you know that after we are done with the front we go to the backyard. I will always remember how we play in the backyard. You really like to walk in the fresh cut grass, getting your little feet all green and dirty, and we play ball almost every time we are in the backyard. You are a really great helper too, mostly walking around the yard telling me where the poop is. Hopefully here in a couple of years you will start doing poop patrol, for allowance, or something. . . Well I just wanted you to know Charlotte that I adore every moment with you and cherish you, for I know that you might not always want to mow the lawn with me.

Thank you for being you Lottie.


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Tara said...

I always like your two's time in the backyard too . . . because it leaves me free for an hour or so ;)Nice blog Babe. Love you!