Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chillin' with my Gnomies

Here are a bunch of pictures from Halloween... in reverse order, starting with our last stop of the night. Our home :)

I lOvE Halloween! It was really nice being settled in our home to celebrate this year. We had a Halloween/Birthday Party this afternoon where Charlotte got to see a bunch of family and little friends. Then we stopped by Gramma Great's and Grandpa Great's where Charlotte got to see my folks and charge up with a juice box. I made a big pot of soup and invited a bunch of family and friends over to our place but due to sick kids, other obligations, ect. the only people that came over was the Bolin's. After dinner Jake, Celeste and I brought Charlotte trick-or-treating. It was so amazing... that sounds weird but it really was :) Charlotte, our little gnomie totally understood the concept! She carried her little bag door to door, knocked, said something along the lines if Ta-ta-ta and collected her candy... we tried to convince her to also say her version of thank you but she was pretty quick to be on her way to the next house. It was a really nice night!
Here are some pictures from last year that somehow never made it onto the blog:

Halloween has always been my favorite and now, with my family it is such a joy! I am seriously already brainstorming ideas for next year with my family of four :)
Happy Halloween!!

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g said...

so that's were my garden gnome went! trick and treating,life is good. love you Duntah